Why is my Peace Lily Drooping?

Why is my Peace Lily Drooping?

Fret Not, we are here to share some tips!

Peace Lilies or Spathiphyllum are beautiful plants and a relatively easy to grow plant. They are also perfect indoor plants for most beginners. However. they do need regular watering especially in a hot and humid climate like Singapore. I would say a little more than the other plants in my opinion.

Ensure that they are in a shady spot and that the soil is moist at all time. If the leaves turn yellow, just snip them off closest to the stem. Don't be afraid to do it, just cut!

How to revive a droopy plant?
Just water them thoroughly, ensure the water comes out from the base of the pot. You can even lay them sideways, flat on a garden floor or table for a day or two. This helps the leaves stay upright when you prop them up again.

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