Low light plants

Plants that are suitable for toilets or bathrooms

What plants to put in the toilet or bathoom?

We get a lot of this questions like this. Most toilets or bathooms may not be very well lit or have proper sunlight. Many plants will not thrive in this kind of environment as it is less than ideal. If you want to add some greenery to these areas, you may consider the following plants that could potentially survive!

Low Light Plants

Plants like ZZ, Snake Plants, Money Plants, Ferns, Peace Lily, Spider Plant and Fittonia could do ok in these environment.

Watch your watering and try not to overwater them. Once a week is good enough and bring them out for some sunshine once in a while.

For more options, check out our low-light plants available online and in store. Click here to see our recommendations: Plants for Toilets or Bathrooms