Are ZZ Plants poisonous to cats and dogs?

Are ZZ plants poisonous to cats and dogs?

The Zamioculcas Zamifolia, aka ZZ Plant, is one of those houseplants that can survive just about anywhere, even in extremely low light. 

Also deemed as a fortune Fengshui Plant, it aids to bring good fortune and luck and that is why these plants are increasingly popular amongst Singaporeans. 

So the burning question, is it poisonous to our beloved pets?

The answer is YES. Like rubber trees, if your pets accidentally ingested the sap, this might lead to vomiting, irritation and diarrhea.  

Living with pets and ZZ plant?

Pets and ZZ plants can still co-exist, just pick a safe spot where your pets can’t reach or place some natural repellents like Vinegar, sprinkling orange peels or coffee grounds to help keep them at bay.

If you are still worried, check out our list of pet-friendly plants that will set your mind at ease.

photo credit: pawel-czerwinski