Organic Breathing Biochar



Organic Breathing Biochar

Soil enhancer for better plant and root growth.

  • Prevents Soil Compaction
  • Helps Boost Plant & Root Growth
  • Improves Nutrient Retention
  • Resistance to Infections
  • Retains soil moisture
  • Aeration and Drainage

Helps your soil do more with less
As a soil conditioner, Breathing Biochar improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil, potting mixes and substrates by:

  • holding water and releasing it to the plant 
  • acting as a habitat for beneficial microbes
  • retaining nutrients and make them available to plants
  • promoting soil aeration
  • preventing soil compaction

By acting like mini storage reservoirs, Breathing Biochar allows us to water less often on drier days and fertilize less often as it reduces nutrient leaching during watering.