OceanSolution - Organic Liquid Fertilizer



OceanSolution Organic Liquid Fertilizer (150ml)

OceanSolution™ is a liquid organic fertilizer that contains all 90 natural occurring minerals and trace elements which brings natural fertility to the next level. Harvested and processed from deep-ocean water with added (naturally sourced) Nitrogen & Potassium.

  • Allows your plants to readily absorb more micro & macro nutrients for a boost in growth, health and nutrition, while also restoring depleted medias.
  • OceanSolution™ is produced in ionic form to ensure more macro nutrients are delivered instantly for healthier plants and media.
  • It’s great for hydroponic growing too, without stains or clogging of systems.

Why use OceanSolution:

  • Contains all 90 natural occurring minerals and trace elements
  •  Enhanced Media Oxygenation
  • Increased Nutrient Uptake
  • Healthier Root System
  • NPK 2-0-3

We’ve fortified OS with GK200, a technologically advanced plant growth enhancer. It’s bio-catalytic composition optimizes availability of nutrients and enhances microbial health of the planting media. GK200 accelerates biological and chemical reactions to create ultra-fine micro-bubbles that oxygenates planting media to enable stronger, wider & healthier root systems that increase water and nutrient uptake by plants. 

Made in USA

How to Use:

  • Dilute 10ml to 1L of water
  • Apply weekly or bi-weekly
  • Small measuring cup provided