Lady Di Heliconia Variegated

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Heliconia Psittacorum Variegated

Featuring its lush green leaves and exotic beak-like orange flower, this plant lets you bring the tropical vibes right into your own home. This hardy plant needs little attention and grows well if given a bright location.

Medium : ~80cm tall and 17cm grow pot


Jaspurr's Picks

Pot it like it's hot! Jaspurr has picked these hot looks that will fit any crib. 

    1. Nicole is ceramic and has a drainage hole (Pot M)
    2. Clara is ceramic, has a drainage hole and saucer (Pot M)
    3. Jean is ceramic, has a drainage hole and saucer (Pot M)

*Photos are for illustration purposes. Live plants and pots may vary slightly in colour, texture and size. Your plant will be repotted into your selected pots prior to delivery.

Plant Care

  • Partial to full sun
  • Water every 4-5 days when soil is dry to touch
  • Pet friendly, not toxic if consumed