Fiddle Leaf Fig XL

Grow Pot


Ficus Lyrata

The Ficus Lyrata is also called the violin plant. This name has been given by the enormously firm long leaves that the plant develops. We like this plant so much that our collection has all sizes ranging from Mini to XL. 

A fiddle-leaf fig is perfect as a focal point of a room.  

X-Large : ~90cm tall and 30cm grow pot


Jaspurr's Picks

Pot it like it's hot! When Jaspurr picks out your plant get-up, you get a few hot looks that will fit any crib.  

  1. Jaylin XL is 32cm wide and 30cm tall, faux cement-like and has a drainage hole 
  2. Jaylin II XL is 30cm wide and 53cm tall, faux cement-like and has a drainage hole 
  3. Connie XL 30 cm wide and has a drainage hole

*Photos are for illustration purposes. Live plants and pots may vary slightly in colour, texture and size. Your plant will be repotted into your selected pots prior to delivery.

Plant Care

  • Bright indirect light
  • Water every 1-2 weeks
  • Not pet friendly, toxic if consumed