Dwarf Tree Fern



Blechnum Gibbum

Native to Pacific Islands, Fiji, and New Caledonia, Blechnum gibbum grows as a small tree in tropical and subtropical climates. This is a dwarf tree type fern growing up to 3’ – 4’ feet in height and features symmetrical fronds rosette over a slender, black, scaly trunk. Some refer to them as dwarf tree ferns.

It grows comparatively faster than most other tree fern types known for their slow growth. It is seen growing as an understory plant in forested areas. 

Blechnum prefers bright light with partial shade and a slightly warmer temperature. 

Just like most other ferns, Silver Lady grows best in moist soils.

Large : ~65cm tall and 22cm grow pot


Jaspurr's Picks

Pot it like it's hot! Jaspurr has picked these hot looks that will fit any crib. 

  1. Jaylin is ceramic and has a drainage hole and plastic (Pot L)
  2. Dora is fiber glass, and has a drainage hole and plastic saucer (Pot L)

*Photos are for illustration purposes. Live plants and pots may vary slightly in colour, texture and size. Your plant will be repotted into your selected pots prior to delivery.

Plant Care

  • Bright indirect light
  • Water every 1-2 weeks
  • Pet friendly, not toxic if consumed