China Doll Plant

Grow Pot



Radermachera sinica

With their glossy emerald leaves and petite shape, China doll plants make for an attractive addition to any plant collection. Native to the subtropical mountainous areas of Asia, China doll plants are evergreen trees that are a part of the Bignoniaceae family.

This plant remains fairly compact and it’s easy to look after. While their care can be a bit tricky, once you know the basic growing conditions for China doll plants, you can enjoy their presence in your home.

Small : ~30cm tall and 10cm grow pot

Jaspurr's Picks

Pot it like it's hot! Jaspurr has picked these hot looks that will fit any crib. 

    1. Nicole is ceramic, and has a drainage hole (Pot M)
    2. Elle is ceramic, and has a drainage hole and saucer (Pot M)
    3. Jo is ceramic, and has a drainage hole
    4. Cheryl is ceramic and has a drainage hole 


*Photos are for illustration purposes. Live plants and pots may vary slightly in colour, texture and size. Your plant will be repotted into your selected pots prior to delivery.

Plant Care

  • Low light to bright indirect light
  • Water every 1-2 weeks
  • Not pet friendly, toxic if consumed