Aglaonema Red

Grow Pot



Red Chinese Evergreen

Watched Léon from The Professional and you’ll remember him caring for his treasured friend – the Aglaonema. Want fabulous foliage that needs little care? Look no further ‘cos this Chinese Evergreen will be your best soilmate.

Small : ~30cm tall and 15cm grow pot

Jaspurr's Picks

Pot it like it's hot! Jaspurr has picked two hot looks that will fit any crib. 

  1. Jing is cement, and has a drainage hole  (Size M)
  2. Charlotte is ceramic, and has a drainage hole and saucer (Size M)
  3. Clara is ceramic, has a drainage hole and saucer (Pot M)

*Photos are for illustration purposes. Live plants and pots may vary slightly in colour, texture and size. Your plant will be repotted into your selected pots prior to delivery.

Plant Care

  • Low light to bright indirect light
  • Water every 1-2 weeks
  • Not pet friendly, toxic if consumed