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Plant Accessories Get ready for growth. We’ve got the tools you need for pruning, repotting, fertilizing and more!


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Plant Baskets An alternative to ceramic. Plant baskets can help add that natural feel to our urban homes.

Christmas Collection

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Christmas Collection Come Celebrate Christmas with Rooted! Take home these wonderful indoor Christmas plants to create that festive cheer. Choose from Poinsettia,...

Easy Care Plants

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Bringing to you easy care plants for every beginner plant parent. If you don't have much time to spare but...


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Our Top Picks Need we say more? Bringing you the top plants in Singapore.


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Hanging Pots Hanging Plant Pots and Baskets - Online Plant Store

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Latest Drops Latest Drops featuring what's trending in the plant universe. Check out our selection of indoor plants and pots....

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Low Light Indoor Plants

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Plants that your pet can eat, if they must. We have created this selection of indoor plants so that both...

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Plant Gangs Need a gift? We've got plant bundles that make perfect plant gifts. Spoil someone with these lovely plant...