What soil is best for plants?

What soil is best for plants?

Cacti and Succulents

Cacti are some of the most easy and favourite type of plants amongst Singaporeans. They make excellent houseplants for any busy individual. Also, our 365 days of summer weather makes it almost perfect for them.


There are many commercial blends out there, but the main ingredient would consist of peat moss (good for absorbency and to release moisture when needed), a well-draining rocky substance like pumice and coarse sand.

Ensure that the mix has fast drainage to keep your succulents happy.

Indoor Plants

As houseplants are gaining popularity, many homeowners or plant lovers are buying more and more plants for their home. Buying them is the easy part, keeping them alive is a whole other level.

Just like us humans, we need proper healthy food to stay healthy. Our little plant friends also need just the right mix of plant food and soil. 

Potting Soil

These are denser than the potting mix. Think of it like having a heavy ‘zhi cha’ dinner. This potting soil is more likely to hold moisture, compact the poor roots and prevent any aeration that the plant need. One word, go easy on this.

Potting Mix

Now these are the type of soil that will go easily with any indoor plant. Again, this will be like an Avocado Chicken Breast Salad. It is light on texture with maximized aeration and drainage abilities and it keeps the soil from becoming dense.

This will be something your plants will thank you for. Happy plants, Happy Life.